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Acting quickly after you or a loved one has been charged with a crime is the best way to avoid the worst case situation: incarceration.  The sooner you speak with an attorney about your case, the better your chances of having the matter dismissed or reaching an acceptable resolution.  Many individuals believe that they can talk their way out of pending criminal charges.  This is rarely the case.  Often, parties only help solidify the criminal case against them by making seemingly innocent admissions.  While most of the Firm’s clients are Michigan residents, we are seeing a growing number of individuals from other States who need legal representation in Michigan.  Please do not hesitate to call our office 24/7 with any of your legal concerns.

When looking for a Detroit Defense Attorney, your first call should be to The Draper Law Firm. We have a successful record at defending individuals who are accused of crimes ranging from simple traffic offenses, drunk driving and misdemeanors, all the way to serious felonies.

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Since 1990, our Firm has successfully assisted clients throughout Michigan. Defendants come to our Firm seeking advice, guidance and protection. The Draper Law Firm’s goal is to be the best Detroit criminal defense lawyer for our clients in the metro-Detroit area and beyond. If you or a loved one are in need of a lawyer, whether that be a Detroit DUI lawyer, criminal defense lawyer, or Detroit traffic ticket lawyer, you need effective legal representation. We will offer a realistic road map to address the pending charges, sometimes advising on lifestyle changes that will positively affect the impact of the case. In each case, The Draper Law Firm is committed to seeing our clients’ rights protected, from our first meeting, through pre-trial, trial and appeals.

With our office located in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, we proudly serve the metro-Detroit area. Serving in: Dearborn, Eastpointe, Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Shores, Hamtramck, Lincoln Park, Madison Heights, Roseville, Royal Oak, St. Clair Shores, Warren and more. Please call us at (313) 885-6800 for a discreet assessment of your legal situation.


Drunk driving charges require aggressive representation. We have more than 25 years representing clients in trouble with the law.

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If you have been accused of or charged with a crime a strong legal defense is crucial – call our office to discuss your options.

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Moving violations carry potential penalties, both financial and to your driving record. Call us for help in point reduction, dismissals and more.

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  • 3 teens accused of spraying graffiti in Detroit arraigned. Read all about it here.
  • The Draper Law Firm represented an individual charged with Domestic Violence Assault and Battery. The case proceeded to jury trial. Based on vigorous and successful cross-examination of the alleged victim, the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict after only five minutes of deliberation.
  • Client was facing his fourth drunk driving case in recent years after being stopped while driving the wrong way on a one-way street with a blood alcohol content of .32. After aggressive legal representation, the client ended up pleading to a misdemeanor, paying fines and costs and serving probation. He avoided a felony conviction and incarceration, allowing him to continue his employment and provide for his family.
  • A man faced charges for violating MCL 333.7403, when he was found with a controlled substance analogue, less than 25 grams, a 4-year felony. He retained our Firm and followed our legal advice. After a handful of Court appearances, the Court granted the defense motion to dismiss all charges, leaving the client’s record unblemished.
  • Client was stopped downriver after leaving a bar. His blood alcohol level registered .13 and he was also cited for driving while his license was suspended. The drunk driving charge was his third, a felony in Michigan. After focused negotiations with the prosecutor, the defendant pled to Operating While Visibly Impaired – 1st, a misdemeanor. All other charge were dismissed. He was sentenced to 12 months probation with fines and costs and attendance at alcohol education classes.
  • Unable to enroll in a medical assistant program because of a felony conviction, a client obtained The Draper Law Firm for an expungement. Defendant’s motion to set aside the conviction was granted. The client received the return of her fingerprints and cleared her felony fraud case so that she could advance her career and better care for her family.
  • High profile client arrested for felony Malicious Destruction of Property retained our Firm. Lengthy negotiations with the prosecution resulted in pre-trial diversion. Ultimately, the client performed community service, paid fines and restitution and the charges were completely dismissed.
  • The Draper Law Firm represented an Out of State client with an active warrant for Probation Violation. Firm was able to get warrant lifted and have probation terminated without necessity of having client appear and without fines or costs.
  • The Draper Law Firm represented a man who was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to neglecting obese, ill wife who was pulled from an apartment.
  • A minor and her family hired The Draper Law Firm to represent her after she was stopped and charged with driving with an unlawful blood alcohol level. After months of conducting discovery and the minor completing community service and maintaining excellent grades the case was dismissed by the Court.
  • Firm client was facing 4 charges, including two 10- year felonies after an altercation at a local tavern. The Draper Law Firm was successful in getting one of the felonies dismissed at the preliminary examination.  Through aggressive discovery, the Firm was able to obtain the alleged victim’s medical records, revealing that the victim’s blood alcohol limit was twice the legal limit at the time of the fight.  Ultimate resolution included a No Contest plea to one misdemeanor, probation and dismissal of all felony charges.
  • With aggressive representation from The Draper Law Firm, a client charged with possession of marijuana had all charges dismissed. This allowed the client to keep a clean record and not have to explain a drug conviction to employers or others.
  • A client was being held in the Wayne County Jail after having multiple felony convictions and facing new drug charges. The client also had a history of failing to appear in Court.  Within hours of being retained, The Draper Law Firm secured his release from custody.
  • With its client facing a maximum penalty of over 15 years in prison, stemming from three separate assault charges, The Draper Law Firm successfully argued that the most serious charge should be dropped after conducting a preliminary examination.  On the heels of that victory, The Draper Law Firm was able to swiftly negotiate a final sentence of probation.
  • 19 year old client was charged with and admitted to three separate armed robbery offenses, each carrying potential life sentences, and a drug charge. Extensively negotiated with County Prosecutor and obtained sentence of 90 day boot camp for client.
  • Tried First Degree Murder case to Wayne County jury. Jury convicted defendant of Second Degree Murder, a major victory considering the difficult set of facts and numerous witnesses. Verdict successfully avoided mandatory life in prison sentence. Case received national publicity for horrific set of facts and was shown on truTV (formerly Court TV).
  • Within hours of being retained by criminal defendant, obtained his release from custody after he was charged with multiple felony drug counts even though he had a history of failing to appear at Court hearings.
  • Successfully represented real estate development company and its owner in an investigation into alleged fraudulent activities launched by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office. Following The Draper Law Firm’s intercession, no further inquiries were made into Client’s affairs.
  • Represented top-level executive whose company was accused of fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars from various sources. While other top level executives were charged with numerous felonies and left facing significant jail time, The Draper Law Firm ensured that no charges were levied against its client, who was unaware of the company’s fraudulent activities.
  • Successfully represented client facing multiple felony charges stemming from an assault.  With a potential maximum penalty of over 15 years in prison, the Draper Law Firm conducted a preliminary examination, during which the Court was persuaded to drop the most serious charge against the client. Following that victory, the Draper Law Firm was able to successfully and swiftly negotiate a final sentence of probation and minimal fines and costs.
  • After extensive motion practice and hiring ex-FBI agent investigator to support defenses, obtained prosecution’s offer of one year under advisement and complete dismissal for client charged with two 20 year felony counts of Possession With Intent to Deliver. (Heroin and Cocaine).
  • Defended Treasurer of Southeast Michigan City against embezzlement claims. After the Firm intervened and dealt with Attorney General and law enforcement, no charges were brought and client was able to find similar employment at another municipality.
  • Helped client obtain the return of approximately two-thirds of $100,000 seized by local law enforcement agency after he was convicted of numerous interstate felonies
  • Negotiated a plea to a civil infraction of careless driving (a three-point offense and a $300 fine) for 18 year old client charged with a five year felony for driving offense. Accident left the victim in a coma with permanent head injuries. Also helped resolve civil lawsuit filed by family of victim within client’s insurance policy limits.
  • Helped client obtain the return of approximately two-thirds of $100,000 seized by local law enforcement agency after he was convicted of numerous interstate felonies
  • Negotiated a plea to a civil infraction of careless driving (a three-point offense and a $300 fine) for 18 year old client charged with a five year felony for driving offense. Accident left the victim in a coma with permanent head injuries. Also helped resolve civil lawsuit filed by family of victim within client’s insurance policy limits.