• Convinced major Metropolitan area City’s taxing division to recap taxes on client’s apartment building after transfer of ownership. Re-capping resulted in a $10,000 per year assessed real property tax savings for client.
  • Represented owner of multi-million dollar high-rise property in Downtown Detroit in various lease agreements and in a number of other matters concerning real property investments and interests.
  • Successfully argued emergency motion for full release of liens on commercial real property. Court found, based on the Firm’s arguments, that property owner would suffer “irreparable harm” if liens were not immediately removed.
  • Counseled high-profile owner of numerous commercial properties and several hundred residential properties in the reorganization of his real estate portfolio.
  • Recovered full insurance proceeds on behalf real estate developer who suffered significant loss as a result of vandalism and theft following the insurance company’s initial denial of all claims.
  • Restructured client’s multiple real estate holding companies in order to maximize fiscal benefits, while simultaneously minimizing liabilities.