• Defended international auto supplier against breach of contract claims brought by a manufacturers representative in the amount of $48 million. After conducting extensive discovery and winning several key motions, the Draper Law Firm was able to resolve the lawsuit for less than three percent of the original claim.
  • Successfully defended international auto supplier against $5 million claim brought by sales representative in the United States District Court in Ohio. After Firm conducted extensive discovery involving thousands of documents and numerous depositions, case settled for $20,000.
  • Represented and brought a Countersuit on behalf of accounting firm being sued by former client. Obtained complete dismissal of all claims brought against accounting firm and won a judgment for the full amount of damages claimed against the former client.
  • Represented international auto supplier who had accounting employee embezzle over $300,000. Firm obtained Temporary Restraining Order within 24 hours from learning of the loss, and seized over $200,000 from the embezzler’s numerous out of state bank accounts. Also assisted County Prosecutor in their successful pursuit of felony charges against former employee, including full restitution Order and incarceration.
  • Secured a dismissal of all claims brought by a marketing firm against an aviation company for various breaches of contract following a breakdown of the professional relationship. The Draper Law Firm aggressively answered the marketing firm’s initial complaint with a motion for summary disposition and, by winning that motion, was able to save its client significant time and money by avoiding prolonged and costly litigation.
  • Obtained complete dismissal of ERISA benefits action brought against client, alleging improper siphoning of benefit funds. After having the case removed to Federal Court, The Draper Law Firm successfully argued a motion for summary judgment, resulting in the Court issuing an order dismissing all claims.
  • Obtained significant settlement for client, smoke and coffee retailer, against landlord for business damages caused by leaking and water damage. Claim originally denied by Defendants and their insurance companies, but Firm filed suit and aggressively litigated to obtain favorable result.
  • Represented City Council candidate in suit against municipality for re-count after client narrowly lost general election.
  • Successfully defended one of Michigan’s oldest family-owned businesses and 6th generation owner/manager against claims of hostile work environment sexual harassment and retaliation. Plaintiff claimed that she was verbally and physically harassed by management and other employees and that she was constructively discharged and owed unpaid wages. The Draper Law Firm took the case to trial, where the jury returned a verdict in favor of Defendants on all counts, granting a complete victory for both the business and the individually named manager.
  • After having business licenses seized by law enforcement, The Draper Law Firm filed a motion for an emergency temporary restraining order in Federal Court, alleging deprivations of client’s constitutional rights and petitioning the Court for the return of those licenses. Through relentless behind-the-scenes work, The Draper Law Firm was able to get the licenses re-instated through stipulation from law enforcement and the attorneys defending the action on behalf of the government, despite the fact that the Federal Judge denied the Motion for Temporary Restraining Order. The time between The Draper Law Firm being retained and the reinstatement of the business licenses was less than 48 hours.
  • Successfully represented heating and cooling contractor in a project dispute with a Metro Detroit municipality which could have resulted in the full forfeiture of contractor’s bond. With time acting against its client, The Draper Law Firm was able to quickly resolve the dispute completely in favor of the contractor, without having to take the matter to arbitration or before the Courts.