While DUI first offense cases are common, they are very stressful to the defendant. Usually this is the first time a driver has been arrested or spent the night in jail. The Detroit DUI lawyer at the Draper Law Firm will help guide a driver facing these charges through each of the steps along the way. Proper representation can potentially get first DUI offense charges reduced to a non-alcohol related offense and in some cases, get the matter dismissed outright. The Court may impose any combination of the following upon sentencing:

  • $100 to $500 fine and one or more of the following:
  • Up to 93 days in jail.
  • Up to 360 hours of community service.
  • Driver’s license suspension for 30 days, followed by license restrictions for 150 days.
  • Possible vehicle immobilization.
  • Possible ignition interlock.
  • Six points added to driving record.
  • Michigan Driver Responsibility Fee:
    • $1,000 for 2 consecutive years for OWI.
    • $500 for 2 consecutive years for OWPD.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI first offense, contact the Draper Law Firm today.