• Bob Bashara pleads guilty to Solicitation of Murder charges, admits trying to hire hitman. Bob Bashara has pleaded guilty to Solicitation of Murder charges at a pre-trial hearing at Wayne County Circuit Court.
  • 19 year old client was charged with and admitted to three separate armed robbery offenses, each carrying potential life sentences, and a drug charge. Extensively negotiated with County Prosecutor and obtained sentence of 90 day boot camp for client.
  • Tried First Degree Murder case to Wayne County jury. Jury convicted defendant of Second Degree Murder, a major victory considering the difficult set of facts and numerous witnesses. Verdict successfully avoided mandatory life in prison sentence. Case received national publicity for horrific set of facts and was shown on truTV (formerly Court TV).
  • Within hours of being retained by criminal defendant, obtained his release from custody after he was charged with multiple felony drug counts even though he had a history of failing to appear at court hearings.
  • Successfully represented real estate development company and its owner in an investigation into alleged fraudulent activities launched by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office. Following The Draper Law Firm’s intercession, no further inquiries were made into Client’s affairs.
  • Represented top-level executive whose company was accused of fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars from various sources. While other top level executives were charged with numerous felonies and left facing significant jail time, The Draper Law Firm ensured that no charges were levied against its client, who was unaware of the company’s fraudulent activities.
  • Successfully represented client facing multiple felony charges stemming from an assault.  With a potential maximum penalty of over 15 years in prison, the Draper Law Firm conducted a preliminary examination, during which the Court was persuaded to drop the most serious charge against the client. Following that victory, the Draper Law Firm was able to successfully and swiftly negotiate a final sentence of probation and minimal fines and costs.
  • After extensive motion practice and hiring ex-FBI agent investigator to support defenses, obtained prosecution’s offer of one year under advisement and complete dismissal for client charged with two 20 year felony counts of Possession With Intent to Deliver. (Heroin and Cocaine).
  • Defended Treasurer of Southeast Michigan City against embezzlement claims. After the Firm intervened and dealt with Attorney General and law enforcement, no charges were brought and client was able to find similar employment at another municipality.
  • Helped client obtain the return of approximately two-thirds of $100,000 seized by local law enforcement agency after he was convicted of numerous interstate felonies
  •  Negotiated a plea to a civil infraction of careless driving (a three point offense and a $300 fine) for 18 year old client charged with a five year felony for driving offense. Accident left the victim in a coma with permanent head injuries. Also helped resolve civil lawsuit filed by family of victim within client’s insurance policy limits.