A felony charge carries the risk of serious punishment of a minimum one year and up to life in prison and significant fines and costs. Felonies are the most serious criminal cases. Examples include murder, kidnapping, drug cases, and drunk driving – third offense. It is critical that anyone charged with a felony consult an experienced Detroit felony lawyer.

A felony case begins with a felony complaint and the arrest of a defendant. The defendant is arraigned at the District Court. The initial hearing is the arraignment where the charges are read and an initial plea is entered. The defendant must post a bond, although in some cases the Court will accept a personal bond, where no money is paid to the Court.

The next hearing in a felony case is normally the preliminary examination. If the Court finds enough evidence to send the case to trial, the case will be bound over to the Circuit Court. Most felonies are resolved at the Circuit Court by a plea or trial. Potential penalties can result in probation, all the way up to life in prison and any term of incarceration in between.

Having a Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer on your side can help you navigate these charges and the penalties attached. If you or someone you know has committed a felony, contact the Draper Law Firm today.