A person carrying a firearm while attempting to or committing a felony faces a so-called felony firearm charge. If you are charged with a firearm felony then contacting a Detroit firearms lawyer is paramount to securing a solid defense.

Firearm felony charges carry mandatory prison sentences, served consecutively with the sentence for the underlying felony. A first felony firearm charge carries a mandatory 2 year sentence, escalating to 5 years for a second conviction and 10 years for a third conviction. This crime is one of the most difficult to defend and is a target of law enforcement and prosecutors statewide.


Michigan’s Concealed Pistol Law includes specific rules of when and where a person can carry a concealed pistol and how they must behave when encountering police. Because the law includes a number of specific clauses, you may find yourself facing some CCW or CPL charges. The penalties for violating these laws are stiff and demand strong representation.

Please contact our firm if you or a loved one  are facing a felony firearm charge or have been charged with violating a CCW or CPL law.