One of the most common crimes in any city is assault and battery. Surprisingly, any uncontested contact can trigger as an assault and battery charge, even if the alleged victim is not injured. Sometimes the complaining party instigates the altercation with an eye towards “setting up” a potential victim. Our firm has many years of experience acting as assault and batter lawyers in Detroit and the surrounding communities.

If you are charged with any level of assault and battery, you should obtain advice of a Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer well-versed in defending these cases. While a garden-variety assault case is a misdemeanor, if significant injuries are involved, the charge can be a felony. An assault and battery lawyer can assist in reviewing the victim’s criminal record, obtaining the relevant medical records and interviewing witnesses. There are also avenues within the legal system to avoid a permanent conviction even if the case appears clear cut.

Our Detroit assault and battery lawyers  are ready to assist you, or someone you know, with and assault and battery related cases. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.